The Beauty of Imperfection is Showcased in Layers in this Modern House by Thinkmore Interior Design

Named The Eclipse, this Taiwanese residence has been inspired by the wabi-sabi of Japanese aesthetics

The essence of life often lies in the footprints left in the process, whether it’s the highs or lows, or the elements are scattered or gathered together, this is also a foreplay to the beauty of life. In this same vein, without any need to add artificial decorations or flashy details, people can be taught to appreciate the natural state of spaces, that even when they revisit the same place over and over again, they can experience and savour a different yet complementary vibe. 

Taiwan based Thinkmore Interior Design has injected the unique charm of modern wabi-sabi into this residential project, The Eclipse, to restore its beautiful, original state and create a new atmosphere encompassing an old soul. The design director of the company and project lead, Carina Lin, based her original vision on time and the eclipse as the theme, using layering as a sense of space with depth and light to converge a natural aesthetic - “the beautiful moments of flowers blooming and falling are frozen in this modern Taiwanese wabi-sabi house”.  Lin has utilised three dimensions to connect time, space and humans, aspiring to compose an inspiring life story where the art of wabi-sabi is slowly revealed. 

To showcase the residence’s irregular shape, mineral painting has been applied throughout, whereby the natural concave and convex surfaces enhance the overall atmosphere of the design aesthetic. A natural ochre colour has been used in the living room, while a natural oriental oak has been used for the floors, gently hugging the people in the house. Layers of progressive mineral paints deepen the mottled outer layer of texture, and coupled with the natural exchange between shades, lightness and weight, everything seems to have been that way forever, waiting for the next moment. New turning points and revelations are encountered, and in the process of waiting, they naturally release charming new images. 

In the bedroom, a mineral paint that deliberately does not pursue flawless finishings has been used.. A new painting method in Taiwan’s interior design industry, traditional mineral painting is done on plain surfaces, while in this case, the project has utilised mineral painting on three dimensional surfaces, such as the living room's cabinet. Embracing sustainability, the key advantages of this method are that it encompasses no heavy metal substances that are harmful to human health or the body, it’s odourless, contains no VOC and releases formaldehyde and naturally protects the environment. 

The furniture around the house harmoniously echoes the beauty of life, most of them made of local reclaimed wood in Taiwan to reduce the number of trees felled. From the big and small ideas behind the creation and the source of each object placed within, the design team took full ownership. Assessing this unique space, it’s perhaps best to quote Lin’s words of reflection to summarise her thoughtful design, "The occupants seem to be located in a forest, breathing gently and surrounded by woody plantations. Create your own moments of tranquillity and unwind after a hard day's work.”

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Photos: Hey!Cheese
Published on April 13, 2022