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Tokyo Gendai Announces Programme Highlights for Its Second Edition From 5-7 July 2024

Sato ‘Meadow’ will feature four large-scale installations, two of which are created especially for Tokyo Gendai, and will spotlight new themes in contemporary art, Tsubomi ‘Flower Bud’ returns spotlighting four women artists of different nationalities, generations and cultural identities, Several leading cultural foundations will host special showcases of their work as part of Ne ‘Root’ while Art Talks - Tokyo Gendai’s talks programme, will include important cultural discussions with thought leaders from the art world

Tokyo Gendai has revealed further details of highlights and programming for its second edition at PACIFICO Yokohama Hall C/D from 5-7 July 2024 (VIP Preview and Vernissage on 4 July). The international art fair presents visitors with the chance to connect and engage with Tokyo’s vibrant cultural scene, offering the opportunity to explore new perspectives through the fair’s extensive programme including talks, curated exhibitions, new commissions and satellite events, celebrating the very best that Japan has to offer.

Tokyo Gendai 2023
Tokyo Gendai 2023

The programme will include: Tsubomi ‘Flower Bud’, an exhibition spotlighting four women artists; Art Talks, a talks programme with thought leaders from the art world; showcases from renowned local institutions as part of Ne ‘Root’; large-scale installations as part of Sato ‘Meadow’; a new series of workshops for children; and dedicated gallery evenings. The programme complements the world-class showcase of international contemporary art brought together by 72 galleries from across the world.

Tokyo Gendai 2023
Tokyo Gendai 2023


Following its successful debut last year, Tsubomi ‘Flower Bud’ returns, this year showcasing works by four women artists of different nationalities, generations and cultural identities. The exhibition, titled ALL THINGS ARE DELICATELY INTERCONNECTED, will be presented by SPECTRUM, an international collective of art curators and professionals who develop artistic projects that confront ideas around representation and diversity, and co-curated by Marina Amada, a Paris and Kyoto-based contemporary art curator and co-founder of SPECTRUM, and Soojung Yi, Curator at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea. The exhibition presents works that reflect on our relationship with civilisations and the natural environment, showcasing works by a range of artists, from recent pieces by up-and-coming and underrepresented artists, to the once-underrepresented works of established ones. Artists include: New York-based artist Mika Tajima from TARO NASU (Tokyo), whose work spans painting, sculpture, film, and performance; New York artist Miya Ando from Sundaram Tagore Gallery (New York, Singapore, London), who was raised between a Buddhist temple in Japan and the redwood forest of northern California, creates art rooted in the coexistence of Eastern and Western cultures through the lens of natural phenomena; American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer from SCAI THE BATHHOUSE (Tokyo), whose work deploys text in public spaces across an array of media, including electronic signs, carved stone, paintings, billboards, and printed materials; and Thai visual artist Sareena Sattapon from SAC Gallery (Bangkok), whose work spans various media such as performance art, photography, video art and installation.

Sareena Sattapon, Balen(ciaga) I belong_ Quartantine VI, 2020. Water colours on Paper. 26.5 x 19 cm. ©Sareena Sattapon. Courtesy of SAC Gallery.
Miya Ando, Yuugure (Evening) Cloud September 2 2023 6_18_06 PM NYC, 2023. Dye, ink, pure micronized silver, resin & urethane on aluminum composite. 127 x 127 cm. Courtesy of Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

Curator Marina Amada says: "I started SPECTRUM in 2020 with friends, curators and supporters to make initiatives and artistic projects that open discussions on diversity in Japan; our aim is to celebrate a spectrum of individualities and to support underrepresented artists. Their position as underdogs and outsiders to the dominant ideology often gives them an interesting vantage point from which unseen ideas and approaches can arise. We are excited to be part of Tokyo Gendai’s diverse programme to offer unique perspectives from these artists who have, in their practices, exhibited extraordinary creativity in confronting and negotiating the differences with others.” 

Mika Tajima, Negative Entropy (Inscape Holding Breath Meditation, Hex), 2024. Cotton, polyester, nylon, wool acoustic baffling felt, and white oak. 140.3 x 274.3 x 5.1 cm (panel), 145.1 x 279.1 x 7.5 cm (framed). Photo by Charles Benton. ©

Sato ‘Meadow’ will feature four large-scale, tailored installations around the fair, spotlighting new themes in contemporary art. Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tokyo) will present an installation by Kishio Suga, a central member of the Mono-ha (translated literally as the ‘School of Things’) art movement that emerged in Tokyo in the late-1960s to 1970s, entitled System of Surroundings. In producing his work, Suga utilises objects such as wood, stone, metal and rope to demonstrate the equal and interdependent relationships between nature, things and people. Meanwhile, GALLERY SIDE 2 (Tokyo) will present Every game begins with ‘LOVE' by Udomsak Krisanamis, which will consist of the artist’s paintings, a checkerboard game with original chairs, and an analogue record playing system that invites the viewers to interact. KOTARO NUKAGA (Tokyo) will showcase The Cowboy on the Grass from Yuichiro E Tamura, a performative work created specially for Tokyo Gendai in which three bandana-wearing cowboys rest on a huge green bandana-patterned carpet, with the composition based on The Luncheon on the Grass by Edouard Manet. MtK Contemporary Art (Kyoto) will showcase LINES, an installation by Kengo Kito, who has collaborated with a video creator to create a series of works which will stream on a display backdrop.

佐藤晋也 Shinya Sato, 電車 2 Train 2, 2020. Oil on canvas. 65.2 x 53 cm. Courtesy of HILLSIDE GALLERY
Jenny Holzer, Truisms 6. 10.2 x 13 x 4 cm. Electronic mini LED sign (110 Volt adapter) with anodized aluminum housing_ red, green and yellow diodes. 1994, ed.56_100. Photo by Nobutada Omote. Courtesy of SCAI THE BATHHOUSE
許寧 Xu Ning, Painting, Fairytale, 2023. Oil on canvas. 113.5 x 163.5cm. Photo by Kenji Takahashi. Courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery
Silvia Capuzzo, Lazzari Due, 2022. Oil, alumina and starches on canvas. 180 x 170 cm. Courtesy of VIN VIN Vienna _ Naples
Isabelle .D, Mensonges et verites 14, 2024. Fibres with crochet, embroidery, weaving, sewing, glass perfume bottles on canvas. 120 x 80 x 10cm. Courtesy of Gallery Nosco.
Manuel Ocampo, Untitled, 2024. Oil on canvas. 31 x 25.4cm. Courtesy of The Drawing Room.
Yusuff Aina, Eniyan_Blinded by Sadness, Controlled by Anger, 2023. Acrylic and sand on canvas. 120 x 150cm. Courtesy of Retro Africa.

The fair will also include Ne ‘Root’, which presents several leading local foundations hosting special showcases of their work. Odawara Art Foundation, founded by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, will deliver a presentation on the concept of the Enoura Observatory, as as well as the Kankitsuzan Art Museum, scheduled to begin construction later this year. In addition, the foundation will also present the plan for Keika House designed by Seiichi Shirai, scheduled to be relocated and completed in 2025. Fukutake Foundation will introduce new activities at Benesse Art Site Naoshima, including the new art museum scheduled to open in spring 2025. Foundation Yoshii will introduce Kiyoharu Art Colony, an art and culture complex in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, operated by the foundation as its base. The Obayashi Foundation will display an overview of its support towards artists, thinkers and researchers with a focus on urban development and the building of healthy cities. Meanwhile, CADAN: Contemporary Art Dealers Association Nippon will present My Pick, an exhibition in which art collectors introduce their favourite artists and tell how they enjoy collecting art, as well as the activities of the gallery space CADAN Yurakucho, which reopened in May 2024. 

Ye Linghan, Yi Alice Dunhuang Cave. 2023-2024. Acrylic on canvas. 170-x-190-cm. Courtesy of SPURS Gallery. 
Theodora Allen, The Lyre, 2023. Oil on Linen. Photo by Sai Tripathi. Courtesy of BLUM.
Stephen WONG Chun Hei, The City Under Fuji, 2020. Acrylic on canvas. 30 x 40 cm. Courtesy of Gallery EXIT and the artist.

Art Talks, the fair’s talks programme that centres engaging conversations around contemporary art, will feature eight discussions about key trends, topics and developments in today’s art world, with thought leaders from the art world and beyond, including Alexander S. C. Rower (President of the Calder Foundation), Marc Glimcher (CEO of Pace Gallery), Mami Kataoka (Director, Mori Museum), Miwa Taguchi (Co-founder of Taguchi Art Collection), Eriko Kimura (Director, Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art), Pedro Erber (Professor, Waseda University), Ritsue Mishima (Artist), and Jun Ishida (GQ JAPAN Head of Editorial Content).

Koichi Enomoto, Daily connection, 2023. Oil on Canvas. 112.5 x 145.7 x 3.2cm. Photo by Sebastiano Pellion di Persano. Courtesy of TARO NASU.
Nicolas Party, Portraits, 2014. Soft pastel on canvas. 150 x 150 cm. Courtesy of Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery.
Jang Koal, Soaring High, 2023. Acrylic on Mulberry paper mounted on aluminium framed woodpanel. 162 x 130 x 4.4cm. Courtesy of NANZUKA___

New for 2024, Tokyo Gendai presents IntoArt, a series of daily workshops for children led by Tokyo Gendai exhibiting artists. Organised by Gotoschool Inc., there will also be a corner where children can freely use various art materials, as well as booths showing art books and videos.

Hiraku Suzuki, Orbits in Blue #14, 2024. Stainless steel, pigment, earth, acrylic on canvas. 97 x 130 x 5.5cm. Courtesy of Each Modern 


The week around the fair features an extensive programme of special events, exhibitions and gallery evenings in celebration of the very best art and culture that Japan has to offer. Tokyo Gendai’s opening party on 4 July will be held at Yokohama Museum of Art, featuring a performance by Ranshou Fujima, a dancer and choreographer.

Daful Yang, Packing Me Softly, 2021. Hand embroidery on canvas, foam. 31 x 24 x 22cm. Courtesy of SPURS Gallery.
Kazuya Sakamoto, Wild flowers, 2023. Oil on canvas. 130 x 194cm. Courtesy of nca _ nichido contemporary art__
Words: Sphere Editorial
Published on June 06, 2024