3D Artist Andrés Reisinger Has Invented an Inimitable Style that is Relatable, Uncanny, and that Has Taken the World by Storm

An Argentinian digital artist based in Barcelona, Spain, Andrés Reisinger is the founder of multidisciplinary design studio, Reisinger Studio. They are widely known for their unique perspective on industrial design, craft, interior design and conceptual art

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Andrés Reisinger (b.1990) is one of the world’s most sought-after digital artists. Recent works such as Pollen, The Shipping and Hortensia are as ambiguous as they are meticulously rendered and full of emotion. As his pieces that use the medium of NFT continue to fetch rarely seen-before figures and his exhibitions and collaborations proliferate: Too Much, Too Soon! at Nilufar Gallery (2022 - Milan, Italy), Let’s Get Digital! at Palazzo Strozzi (2022 - Florence, Italy), Somewhere Ethereal at Fotografiska (2022 - Stockholm, Sweden), the cultural appetite for Reisinger’s invented worlds is only set to grow. We uncover more of his thought process here. 

Andrés Reisinger (Photography: ouidxb)

Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path as a digital artist and designer?

I can’t tell you a precise moment; I was very lucky in that it very much felt like a natural urge and inclination that I had the passion, time and also courage to develop. I remember feeling the desire to create from a very young age, and it never stopped ever since.

Your immersive series “Take Over” has literally taken over the world by storm, why did you choose the colour “pink” and what are the underlying meanings behind these beauties?

It is the Reisinger Pink, my signature colour that features in the majority of my works. I’ve always recognized myself and humans in general to feel particularly drawn to pink as a soothing and comforting colour: it is the tone of the womb, of what renders us human and of the common thread between all of us. I’ve always wanted my work to feel somewhat relatable even if uncanny.

What is your daily routine when working?

It changes constantly; I don’t have a specific time for creation, as it naturally occurs to me and I need to follow where and when I am inspired. I have been travelling so much, but if I am in Barcelona I work with my crew at Reisinger Studio in our beautiful space. As much as I like exchanging and being in other’s company, I also very much need my own time.

What piece of your artwork would you like to be remembered for?

I would be honoured to be remembered for any piece of my artwork that ignites a spark of inspiration within the hearts and minds of those who encounter it. My greatest aspiration as an artist is to create works that resonate with individuals, foster a sense of connection, and perhaps even catalyse profound and transformative experiences. To leave behind a legacy that celebrates the power of art to uplift, enlighten, and enrich the human spirit would be a deeply gratifying accomplishment.

How would you define “beauty”? What emotions would you want / expect / anticipate your audience to have when viewing your creations?

Beauty is the connection between how something looks and the emotions it stirs within us. It's a personal experience that can bring people closer to the world and each other. When creating art, I hope to inspire a range of emotions that lead to self-discovery.

Was there ever a moment that you doubted your choice of career?

Not at all. My journey is a constant learning experience, where every step teaches me something new. In this positive path, there are no mistakes, just important lessons that help me grow and reach greater heights.

(Photography: ouidxb)
(Photography: Mattia Greghi)

Are there any visual references you would draw upon in your work?

So many that I couldn’t even mention; I work on context and I take into account everything that surrounds me, from the highest forms of art to the most mundane things (which sometimes are the same).

Can you reveal your current projects or some of your future plans?

I have just unveiled a new collection of carpets for Dutch lifestyle brand Moooi during Milan Design Week, once again travelling from my digital artwork series Pollen to the tangible realm. I have also just unveiled a new series of digital artworks commissioned by Dior, that were unveiled in Los Angeles earlier. I am also working on several physical commissions to be revealed this year.

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Published on June 21, 2023