Casa Olaria NJ+: Nildo José Navigated Through the Origins of Artisanal Architecture and Combines Ceramics with Designs Signed for CASACOR SP

In the exhibition’s previous edition, the architect presented a proposal for organic volumes with a project anchored in wood and curated sophisticated works of art

In its fourth participation at CASACOR SP - one of the largest exhibitions of architecture, interior design and landscaping in the Americas - NJ+ architects presented the project of a complete residence, with over 2,000 square feet (1,250 square feet of house and 750 square feet of garden), honoring Brazilian ceramics, highlighting the heritage of the country's ancient potteries and the importance of handcrafted work in architecture. The event, which was held from September 21st to November 15th last year at Parque Mirante, an annex of Allianz Parque, had the theme 'The Original House'. In celebration of the upcoming CASACOR SP edition, we invite you to look back at this ethereal space curated by Nildo José of NJ+. 

The space named Casa Olaria NJ+ is premised on the importance of moments of introspection and seclusion, so the bedroom is subtly separated from the other rooms through an inviting cylindrical volume present in the center of the living room, inspired by a volume by the Belgian architect Juliaan Lamps. The space invests in organic shapes, which refer to the handcrafted works of Brazilian ceramists, and geometric shapes, and is characterized by a comfortable and minimalist aesthetic, where the Legno Nórdico finishes, by Bontempo - a partner of the space, applied to the ceiling recall the ribbed slabs of Brazilian modernism rethought, giving a feeling of coziness. The Bontempo ceiling also refers to the roofs of traditional potteries and stands out in an organic-shaped living room, which also has a corten bookcase and a curatorship of ceramics by various artists in the country. The brand's panels, specialized in materializing the uniqueness and personality of each project, provide the geometric and comfortable air chosen to cover the upper part of the room by forming squares that border the ceiling. Alongside the wood, the rounded shapes of the upholstery, bookcase, mirrors and other furniture items, and the neutral color palette chosen for the environment, make up the space's contemporary minimalist aspect. Natural materials are widely explored in the dining room, home office, kitchen and suite with bathroom.

Upon entering the suite, walking along a ramp, the neutral and minimalist environment, on another level, has a cozy, light atmosphere and highlights the bed designed by the office especially for the exhibition. Next to it, the bathroom with volumetry and neutral tones compose the sophisticated and discreet look, as well as all the other rooms. In the external area, the organic pocket of Bia Abreu's landscaping is composed of beams, the effect of light and shadow, and the water mirror also designed by the office. In furniture, Brazilian design stands out through the pieces carefully chosen for the exhibition, such as the Guanabara dining table and the Ipanema and Manhattan armchairs, all by Jorge Zalszupin. The Mocho bench by Sergio Rodrigues and the Max Chair by Arthur Casas Design are still in the room. Designer Guilherme Wentz presents the sofa, launched in space. Other design names are also present: Lina Bo Bardi, Ricardo Fasanello, Adalfan Filho and Shane Schneck. Coffee tables, side tables, benches and some parts of the space are signed by the office itself, such as the Cabaça armchair. The most important works of art in the environment are by Mira Schendel, Célia Euvaldo, Zanini De Zanine, Carlos Nunes, Georgia Kyriakakis, Sergio Sister, Rodrigo Andrade, Gabriella Garcia and Ana Vitória Mussi. In the ceramics collection, there are dynamic pieces produced by Dona Rita, a resident of the village of Campo Alegre and one of the oldest artisans working in Vale do Jequitinhonha. In addition to other names such as Nado, Hanna Englund, Nicia Braga, Denise Stewart, Gilberto Gomes, Alice Aroeira, Studio Nun, Mila & Romi, Frida do not bark, Jamila Cruzado, Noni, Beatriz Dutra and Cristina Palma Lopes.

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Photos: Denilson Machado
Published on August 25, 2022