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Don't Miss Mr Doodle in Space, Showing at Pearl Lam Galleries Until January 20th, 2024

The highly anticipated solo exhibition Mr Doodle in Space, features the exceptional talents of British artist Mr Doodle and invites all art enthusiasts to embark on a captivating journey alongside Mr & Mrs Doodle as they traverse the vast reaches of space

Mr Doodle poses a question to viewers, “Will Mr & Mrs Doodle make it back to DoodleLand before Mas — aka Mr Doodle’s evil twin, Dr Scribble —  completes his mission? First, they’ll have to travel through several different wonderful worlds, along with their faithful companion Doodle Dog! And what about Baby Doodle, where and when will he appear?!” Prepare to be transported to a marvellous celestial domain where boundless imagination takes flight.

Born in Kent, England, Sam Cox, also known as Mr Doodle, began consuming the Earth’s surface with doodles a little time after he was born in 1994. The name Mr Doodle is derived from the word “DOODLE”, meaning to “design aimlessly” or “create subconsciously”. He started out by covering his parents’ furniture with doodles and eventually his whole bedroom until he realised his home wasn’t a big enough canvas and he began doodling on the walls of local fast-food restaurants and schools. During his career, Mr Doodle has constructed a whole new visual phenomenon: his DoodleLand, where he manifests his vision of the world, producing mesmerising and dense clusters of characters, objects and patterns that grow and multiply relentlessly.

MR DOODLE 塗鴉先生 b. 1994 Mr Doodle gets abducted by the ever so happy Aliens 塗鴉先生被快樂的外星人綁架了, 2023 Acrylic paint on canvas 布面丙烯 200 x 200 cm 78 3/4 x 78 3/4 in.
Mr Doodle

Mr Doodle began to garner recognition in the art world in 2017 and has since seen a meteoric rise in interest in his work. He stands at the forefront of a new art wave, taking the online art community by storm with a mass social media following. Truly a millennial artist, his works provoke discourse on what we consider fine art today. Mr Doodle’s works transcend beyond the canvas, invading furniture, big surfaces, clothing, and more. Like other artists of his generation, he has also explored a number of collaborations with iconic brands, including Fendi, Puma, Samsung and MTV to begin with. But where Mr Doodle separates himself is in his sense of purpose: a deep and obsessive compulsion to expand and share his vision of his DoodleLand. As a form of release or meditation, his process is fluid, therapeutic, unrestrained, and without hesitation, as if channelling directly from his world into ours with great stamina. He ultimately seeks to spread a sense of wonder, happiness, and love. He says, “My intention has always been to create a universal doodle language that can relate to and attract people from all over the world.”

MR DOODLE 塗鴉先生 b. 1994 The Doodles arrive in DoodleLand to battle Mas and his Machinesand save the Doodlings 塗鴉一家為了與Mas和他的機器人兵團戰鬥並拯救塗鴉們而來到塗鴉樂園, 2023 Acrylic paint on canvas 布面丙烯 183 x 300 cm 72 x 118 1/8 in.
MR DOODLE 塗鴉先生 b. 1994 Land of the Jellyboggles 果凍博格星球, 2023 Acrylic paint on canvas 布面丙烯 120 x 120 cm 47 1/4 x 47 1/4 in.
MR DOODLE 塗鴉先生 b. 1994 Mr & Mrs Doodle go Planet Hopping塗鴉先生和夫人穿梭到不同的星球, 2023 Acrylic paint on canvas 布面丙烯 150 x 150 cm 59 x 59 in.

After falling in love in the exhibition Mr Doodle in Love, Mr & Mrs Doodle are living happily in their Doodle House with their pet dog Doodle Dog, whilst gradually taking over planet Earth with doodles. That is, until they hear a mysterious sound from outside... It’s Mr Doodle’s evil twin Dr Scribble, and he’s flying into a vortex which he has built with his scribbling machines that appear to be a gateway to another galaxy— the ‘Paper Galaxy’, home to none other than the famous DoodleLand, Mr Doodle’s home world. It seems Dr Scribble’s plan is to destroy Mr Doodle’s ‘Doodle Virus’ at the source and rid the universe of doodles once and for all. Upon realising this, Mr & Mrs Doodle rebuild the spaceship that Mr Doodle once fell to Earth in when he first arrived to doodle the world. The spaceship takes them on a grand adventure through different realms of space, including ‘Alien Worlds’ and, eventually, the ‘Paper Galaxy’. Finally, they triumphantly arrive in DoodleLand.

In an epic showdown, Mr & Mrs Doodle face off against Dr Scribble, emerging victorious and restoring peace to DoodleLand once more. This exhibition captures the essence of this remarkable tale, showcasing the artistic prowess of Mr Doodle whilst unleashing an explosion of joy and boundless imagination. Audiences will be treated to a vibrant collection of Mr Doodle’s newly released series that brings the narrative to life.

Founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, Pearl Lam states, “We are thrilled to present Mr Doodle’s first solo exhibition in the Hong Kong gallery. His captivating and whimsical creations will transport viewers into a world of imagination and wonder, demonstrating the transformative power of art. This milestone exhibition solidifies our commitment to promoting innovative artistic expressions and establishing our gallery as one of the premier destinations for contemporary art in Hong Kong.”

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Published on December 07, 2023