This House in Torreira Conceived by NU.MA Architects Boasts Spectacular Views of the Aveiro While Successfully Integrating the Client’s Needs for Storage and as a Holiday Home

Spanning over 5,000 square feet, this two-storey house ensures a splendid integration of the indoors and outdoors

NU.MA architects was founded by Nuno e Maria in 2010 and since it’s conception, the office has developed architectural projects in different areas, such as equipment, housing and competitions. Along with that, the office has been dedicated in the 3D industry, offering a service that brings value to the projects, helping their clients communicate their ideas with simple but powerful images. All the work that is developed by and at NU.MA, is based on a continuous reflection of all the involved parts in the project, keeping in mind that the main goal is an improvement of the edified territory. NU.MA presents itself as a multidisciplinary office covering different action areas - architecture, 3D visualization and arts, responding to the challenging requests by their clients. 

An example of their compelling work is the House in Torreira completed in 2021- an architectural project intended to be a holiday house. The demands from the client were clear at the outset - he wanted to take advantage of the site, specially the views (the Aveiro estuary and the forest) and create a unique space to store all of his nautical equipment. With this, NU.MA architects commenced the project with a very clear idea - there would be a visual permeability for the main house and storage space for all the nautical equipment. With this and the morphological conditions of the terrain, the NU.MA team decided to create a building with two stories.

Given the accentuated topology of the terrain in relation to the street, NU.MA decided to dissimulate that, in order to ensure the placement of the house showcases a unique piece over the terrain. These adjustments were intended also to add the possibility to enter the house practically on a base level and to be able to access the basement via a gently sloping ramp. The spatial distribution was designed to ensure the separation of the function by floor. 

For example, the main area is located on the ground floor while the technical/storage area is on the first floor. The social areas composed of (living room; dining room; kitchen and social sanitary facilities) while private areas (bedrooms; sanitary facilities to support the bedrooms) are distinct. Through and through, this is a house that successfully integrates the topography for its design, architecture and splendid function.

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Photos: Ivo Tavares Studio
Published on October 17, 2023