More Than a Medical Practice, This Parisian Clinic of Doctor Antoni Calmon is a True Wellness Space Conceived by Alessandro Moriconi

Impart an impression of serenity as a prelude to building the necessary trust between patient and medical professional is the challenge that Alessandro Moriconi has taken up with his first interior scenography

It's the wellness journey itself that the seasoned artistic director brings to life through his work on the Parisian clinic of doctor Antoni Calmon. Fueled by his ability to understand desires expressed or implicit, Alessandro Moriconi thrives on the challenge of finding the right pairings, the fitting combinations. Having spent his childhood in the rolling Tuscan hills and his formative years in London, Moriconi has made cultural collisions a natural conversation starter for all his projects. In Paris, he found the space that allows his creative glossary to thrive. His one constant: let his inspirations and references unfurl to flesh out an idea and bring out its unique character.

Multidisciplinary artistic director Alessandro Moriconi

To bring to life the aesthetic universe of Dr. Calmon while making his cosmopolitan patients feel at home, the artistic director set the stage in the manner of a director to imagine how to invite into the private practice of a medical professional in front of whom the most intimate questions will be unveiled. Considering this address in Paris’ 8th arrondissement a dialog of sorts, Moriconi has imagined it as an apartment with a Milanese touch, where terrazzo and Murano glass door handles are a reminder that exquisite craftsmanship is a masterpiece of time and the trained human hand. Locked in a ballet of contrasts without confrontation, the strictures of Greco-Roman influences and the visual surprises of contemporary design are a reminder of the elegant subtlety of today’s cosmetic surgery standards.

From the moment the elevator doors open into the reception of the practice, an impression of elegant warmth is imparted by the walnut paneling on the walls which contrasts delicately with the travertine of the floor. The door to the waiting room reveals an inviting intimate lounge, furnished with taste but without ostentation. The travertine is dressed in a carpet with geometric designs that nods to classic models. To the side, a long console displays beloved tomes and curio objects. In the doctor’s office, calm elegance invites conversations and exchanges.

Centres of wellness as well as the daily professional environment for the medical teams, the treatment rooms are pared back by necessity, offering nonetheless the comfort of soft tones. Textures and rounded volumes invite curious hands while they intrigue the eye. Invited to wait in such a setting, the senses and curiosity are engaged – a way to start the conversation long before coming face to face.

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Published on January 05, 2024