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Takeru Amano Celebrates Feminine Curves in the Purest Form of Art

His range embodies painting to printing, sculpting to designing, with a strong vision following his experience from different fields of life

Takeru Amano's world is childlike and unique, inspired by the Japanese culture of the end of the 20th century in which he grew up. In his work, he uses classical, philosophical or even mythological subjects and mixes them with neo-pop aesthetics and often a touch of humour. One of his most iconic pieces is his portrayal of Venus, where he sketches out his praise for women - the feminine qualities of grace and rigour and the charm of exquisite curves are coupled with Amano's manipulation. His latest showing is Venus and Cat, curated by APPortfolio, who will be debuting Amano's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, where 19 original paintings, installations and sculptures will be shown from October 8th-10th this weekend.

Japanese artist Takeru Amano

Amano's repertoire has been influenced by his father and famed Japanese illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, as well as the cultural influence of the anime trend. From his learning experience in New York and in-depth research on printmaking, he can blend touches of Western influences of classicism and modernity ease. Various elements of life and emerging American culture has contributed towards his eye-catching works, where explosive, popping hues, lively brushstrokes and clear lines reign. Immediately the cute and shy girl Venus and cat come to life on the canvas. There are no extra frills needed - the feminine traits are in full force.

Venus with Cat print

Along with the exhibition, the new limited edition works of Takaru Amano x APPortfolio will also be launched on October 10th, where joining his collectable pieces will be colourful vases, accessories and decorations, carpets, mirrors and aromatherapy, etc. Let the vibrance of Amano's art add cheer to your life, and extend from just the boundaries of the wall to to your surrounding living environment.

Venus aroma
Venus with Cat vase
Venus mirror
Venus (Style B)
Venus with Cat vase
Venus rug

Venus And Cat: Takeru Amano Solo Exhibition
36 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong
From October 8, 2021 until October 10, 2021 

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Published on October 07, 2021