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During this Milan Design Week, Atelier du Pont Presents the Scenography of Nomadic Nuances

Nomadic Nuances is an innovative and sustainable set up based on vintage displays and furniture sourced in French brocantes, in a reuse of materials that encourages a circular economy

On the occasion of the 63rd Salone del Mobile, Le FRENCH DESIGN - a platform promoting innovation in furniture and interiors – brings the best of transalpine design to Milan, enhancing its taste, research and the French touch that distinguishes French design around the world. From 15 April to 18 May 2024, the Institut français Milano is hosting the exhibition Nomadic Nuances, Furniture branded Le FRENCH DESIGN 100, which presents a selection of the most interesting creations by the winning interior designers of the third edition of Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 Awards to the wide public of Milan Design Week.

As in the first stage in Paris, the exhibitions setup at Institut franca̧is Milano is realised by the architecture and interior design studio Atelier du Pont (Anne-Cećile Comar & Philippe Croisier): an innovative and sustainable scenography based on vintage displays and furniture sourced in French brocantes, in a reuse of materials that encourages a circular economy.

Since 1997 and around the two founding partners, Anne-Cécile Comar and Philippe Croisier, the agency has been enriched by the many skills of people from all horizons. Today, Atelier du Pont is an agency that brings together architects, interior architects and designers. Their approach is global. Whether it's a small 15 sqm boutique or a 10,000 sqm building, Atelier du Pont handles every aspect: architecture, urban planning, interior design, furniture, art direction and space planning. This is also what makes them unique, and what enables them to deliver turnkey projects. To define the initial outlines of a project, Atelier du Pont looks at the landscape and the climate, as well as traditional practices and know-how, local raw materials and the spirit of the place. In this way, they defend a generous, contextual architecture. Each project is an opportunity to explore new paths and new methods. The working environment created by Atelier du Pont allows them to test new combinations and materials, so that each project can be given its own legitimacy and identity. Conceived as a small laboratory, the new agency - Impasse Lamier, in the heart of Paris's 11th arrondissement - is a showcase for their expertise and their approach to design. It's also a place to live, to exchange ideas and to experiment with new ways of working and the spaces they design. Nowadays, Atelier du Pont employs 40 people: architects, perspective artists, site managers, interior architects, designers, not to mention Plan02, their integrated eco-design consultancy.

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Photos: Atelier du Pont
Published on April 16, 2024