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Vita In Movimento: A Long-Awaited Encounter with Our City

May a serendipitous encounter on the street corner rekindle sentiments and the local flavours of our home

“Vita in Movimento” is a watercolour painting x photography joint exhibition and a collaboration between three distinguished architects - Vincent Ng, William Tseng and Jeff Tung, following the success of 2022’s “Recuerdos of the City, the Land & the Harbour”.

Architects Jeff Tung, Vincent Ng and William Tseng 

In the bustling heart of Hong Kong, where the vibrant cityscape meets the tranquil waters of Victoria Harbour, lies at Oi! - an art space where the historical architecture seamlessly intertwines with modern creativity. Oi! Includes a Grade II historic building complex opened in 1908, it was once a yacht club clubhouse at the waterfront, which has now revitalised to a contemporary visual art space, serving as a platform for the convergence of artistic expressions. This unique locale anchors the specially curated artworks, allowing the local community to delve into a visual journey that bridges the past and present.

The exhibition is hosted at “Oi!”, a unique artistic venue that merges Grade II historical architecture with contemporary creative elements, mirroring the fusion of architectural and artistic innovation presented in the exhibits. Through this event, viewers are offered the opportunity to appreciate Hong Kong’s distinctive landscape through the lens of the artists, and to reevaluate the intricate relationships between people, urban architecture, and natural landscapes.

“Vita in Movimento” brings together an array of narratives, capturing the intricate dance between nature and the urban landscapes with different panaches. The decisive click of a shutter, the sweeping flow of ink, and the meticulous strokes of artistic expression, all complement each other in synergy and vision.

As an extension of the gallery exhibition, "Vita in Movimento" is accompanied by an outdoor installation designed by young architectural designer, Tiffanie Tseng. Taking inspiration from the vibrant colour palettes found within the exhibits, Tseng's creation invites viewers to navigate and explore this experiential space. Here, they are enveloped in a gentle interplay of fiery oranges, soothing ambers, and serene blues - reflecting the interconnectedness of life, art, nature, and the urban landscape through the interplay of colours, light, and shadow.

the Hour, the Minute and the Second

Vincent Ng’s watercolour paintings possess a delicate and exquisite quality, where each brushstroke bears witness to Ng’s meticulous craftsmanship and precision. With profound reverence for the ever-evolving urban landscape and local culture, Ng’s artworks encapsulate his discerning perspective on the transformative power of time, akin to the rhythmic passage of hours in the day.

William Tseng’s sketch paintings are created with passion: rapid yet concise, vivid and filled with vitality and surprises. In a matter of minutes, he skillfully captures the diversity of life, encapsulating the essence of the neighbourhood in a lively and spirited manner. Through his art, Tseng resonates with the vibrancy of the local culture, celebrating the richness and dynamism of the community.

Jeff Tung’s impressionistic photography utilises the camera as his art brush to evoke the vision of an impressionist painting on a canvas of daily life, as if calling upon the viewer to contemplate the dreamlike qualities hidden beneath the surface of the real world. Tung is able to observe and capture the moment of the people, the emotions and the lights and shadows in a matter of seconds, and present them in his artisanal photography works.

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Published on December 18, 2023